One Month with Eliana

One Month with Eliana


Cuddling mom and dad and anybody else near her

Visiting family and friends

Staying over night at Lala and PopPops

Mom’s milk

Daddy’s smile and expressive eyes

Daytime Naps

Bouncer Chair

Smirking- the best!

Her weekly photos


Evening time

Tummy time

Being left alone for too long

Waiting for mom to feed her

The first month was such a blur but worth all of the chaos! Luckily, I had Grandma Lucy and my mom, sister Caitlin and lots of friends who came to help me out with Eliana as I recovered from my c section.

At three weeks old, Eliana had her “one month checkup.” I was scared to go at first because of how traumatizing the first one was but I’m glad I went- this was a much more positive experience! She was 8lbs 7 oz and not very happy about having to get checked by the doctor. She was healthy, though, and showed the doctor how strong her lungs were haha


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